Part I: Vibe Offences

1. Minor Infractions:

  • (1) The constant interruption of a speaker without the self awareness to know you have committed this offence is an offence in and of itself.

  • (2) Invoking that one is acting like a total Agorrobezos is rude, and should only be done behind the recipients back.

2. Serious Infractions

  • (1) Recruiting members when they have not requested to join the House of Prelon is a serious harshing of the vibe.

3. Vibe-murder, Vibeslaughter, and Serial Vibe Killings

  • (1) Vibe-Murder is of the first degree when it is planned and deliberate.

  • (2) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), vibe-murder is planned and deliberate when it is committed pursuant to an arrangement under which money or anything of value passes or is intended to pass from one person to another as consideration for that other’s causing the death of the vibe of the room.

  • (3) Vibe-murder may be reduced to vibeslaughter if the person who committed it did so in the heat of passion caused by sudden provocation or idiocy.

  • (4) Serial Vibe Killings -- when Vibe murder is committed more than three times.

Part II: Criminal Moderation

1. Mods on Mods on Mods on Mods

  • (1) The passing of the bean is a sacred ritual imbuing the recipient with the terrible burden of working for free while dealing with other people's shit.

  • (2) The act of modding the entire stage disrespects this ritual and is considered to be the worst thing a mod can do. It is the cardinal sin. Also, it's a crime in the Criminal Code.

2. Moderation Negligence

  • (1) Allowing the stage to break the core tenets of Prelonism while on Moderation duty is negligence of the highest form.