Putting Your Robes On - Changing your profile photo to some variant of Prelon Musk (also known as the ceremonial robes)

Jasoning - An early abberant from the norm emerged when Prelon Jason made a slight adjustment to his profile picture breaking the complete uniformity. Jasonism has quickly become mainstream as this innovation allowed us to enjoy both the expression of individuality, while maintaining unity in sentiment.

A.E. - After Elon. Coined by Prelon Nicholas

E-Day - The day Elon Musk joined ClubHouse.

B.E. - Before Elon - also the origin of the Prelon ("Pre-Elon"). Coined by Prelon Nicholas.

Prelon (Title) - An honorific used between Prelonians as a means of respect instead of Brother or Sister.

From The Alpha To The Tesla - A group hymn/chant that recognizes the House of Prelon originally written by Prelon Marvin.

Contrepreneurs - Roaming spirits with the insatiable need to feed on new ClubHouse users. A Prelon's greatest calling is to shepherd the innocent away from these evil spirits.

SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition and Chill) -

The Monetisation - The doomsday prophecy of the House of Prelon.

Holos - the ancient Greek word for a feeling of wholeness, a sense of entirety, completeness; also the design of a 21st century modular nuclear reactor (www.holosgen.com)

Agoro Bezos - the harbinger of the coming long winter of monetization

Kinetic Joy, Playful Militancy, Cortical Benevolence