(1-1) Once upon a time, there existed a clubhouse filled with bright eyed and bushy tailed people, enthusiastic to talk with any random person for hours about any topic. We were all so innocent then, so blinded by our transitory novel joy at being partially freed from our covid lockdown social isolation, that we couldn't see what lay beyond on the not so distant horizon.

(1-1) 很久很久以前,clubhouse混沌的土地上,欢乐地奔走着一群明眸又皓齿,调皮又灵敏的人。这片土地上最流行的活动,是就各种话题与陌生人随时随地展开长达数小时的交谈。突然得以脱离新冠封禁和社会隔离的我们,当时是那么天真无邪。。。被短暂的好奇、相遇的喜悦蒙蔽的双眼,不及发现不远地平线上缓缓浮起的尘嚣。

(2-2) Into CH comes Elon Musk, bringing with him a massive hoard of those so uneducated and ignorant about the workings of the app, they walk into every pitfall that rears its ugly head. They see a room with a title resembling "How to make 20k a week sitting on your ass watching Elon Musk interviews!" and witness the hundreds of people in the room. Through confirmation bias, they naturally assume that whatever being shared must be true and worth listening to. Before they know what happened, they sent a random person they just met on CH 5k in bitcoin.

(2-2) 走入CH的人,叫做Elon Musk。随他而来的人们,要么对CH程序运作方式不了解,要么有意忽视规则,他们一个个掉进同行们挖下的陷阱,撞得头破血流。他们涌进标称 “如何坐在你臀大肌上看Elon Musk的采访,一周躺赚13万软妹币!” 的房间,被台下成百上千的听众感染。由于证实性偏见,他们假设房间里分享的东西必有其可信之处并安然取之。他们还没反应过来,就给刚认识的陌生人用比特币转了3万人民币。

(3-3) It is high time that the Prelons/Prelonians band together to fight against this and other shenanigans happening on CH and beyond. I encourage each and every person reading this to adorn the holy robes of Prelon, and wholly embrace the Prelon way, which stands for positivity, openness, intelligence, creativity, and humor. Let us never forget what CH was BE, and what it can be AE.

(3-3) 是时候Prelons/Prelonians团结一致、挺身而出了,让我们抱团对抗这种侵蚀CH和其他平台的邪恶。我鼓励所有正在阅读此文的人披上Prelon圣袍,全心拥抱Prelon之道 — 积极、开放、明智、创造、和幽默。让我们永志不忘,clubhouse BE的模样,以及,clubhouse AE的可能。

- Prelon Peach

- Prelon 蟠桃

Photo: 枣泥 by 👉  ioicooo