Once upon a time, there existed a clubhouse filled with bright eyed and bushy tailed people, enthusiastic to talk with any random person for hours about any topic. We were all so innocent then, so blinded by our transitory novel joy at being partially freed from our covid lockdown social isolation, that we couldn't see what lay beyond on the not so distant horizon.

Into CH comes Elon Musk, bringing with him a massive hoard of those so uneducated and ignorant about the workings of the app, they walk into every pitfall that rears its ugly head. They see a room with a title resembling "How to make 20k a week sitting on your ass watching Elon Musk interviews!" and witness the hundreds of people in the room. Through confirmation bias, they naturally assume that whatever being shared must be true and worth listening to. Before they know what happened, they sent a random person they just met on CH 5k in bitcoin.

It is high time that the Prelons/Prelonians band together to fight against this and other shenanigans happening on CH and beyond. I encourage each and every person reading this to adorn the holy robes of Prelon, and wholly embrace the Prelon way, which stands for positivity, openness, intelligence, creativity, and humor. Let us never forget what CH was BE, and what it can be AE.

Thank you,

- Prelon Peach